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Strategic Biz-Plan Meeting

single meeting that clears the ambiguities and assists business owners in taking their business forward!!

Setting the right path for increasing income.

Are you are currently feeling chaos and loss of control?

In the business and life in general

This period casts doubt on all your plans for the future of the family? 

You wish to Regain Control of the business during a Single Meeting!

You need A Clear Plan for the coming period!

Schedule Strategic Biz-Plan Meeting
Strategic business palnning happy cients

The Unique Strategic Business-Plan Meeting 

One hour and a half immediate growth session  

  • Achieve business clarity

  • Identify the right product/service to your correct client during this time.

  • Get an immediate action plan for increasing revenue. 

  • As a business owner you face frequent changes in your surrounding reality

    Especially during this period when the world is so rapidly changing.

    Going to bed feeling loss of control over your business?

    Feeling loss of control over your life?

    A sense of chaos and lack of understanding where the world is heading?

  • What's so special about this meeting? 

    1st Step - Understanding your vision

  • Starting with the understanding of what makes you tick.

  • why are you really doing what you are doing.

  • What is your vision?

  • your vision

    2nd Step - Analysis of your current Business position 

  • Current financial standing.

  • What are your main dilemmas?

  • Current market behavior and trends?

  • Your specific targeted clients current needs? 

  • step 2

    3rd Step - Identifying your Tip of the Spear

  • Which of your products/ services responds best to your clients needs right now 

  • What product/ service will best impact your bank account? 

  • tip of your spear

    4th Step - Set immediate Marketing Plan

  • Discover what actions you need to take NOW to improve immediate sales!

  • Draft the backbone of your immediate marketing cation plan!

  • Identify your long term path to success! 

  • Recieve business plan

    Schedule Strategic Biz-Plan Meeting Now 

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    Schedule Strategic Biz-Plan Meeting

    Nice to meet you, I'm Gilad Segev,

    Serial Entrepreneur, Award Winning Author, Advisor and investor with a specialty in collaborations and deal making.

    The concept of the Strategic Biz-Plan Meeting was developed following 25 years of experience in working with businesses in all sorts of industries. From Jewelry to Agriculture; from Finance and banking to Insurance; from Physiotherapists to Graphic Designers; from Business consultants to Marketing Companies.

    From large Multinationals to small and even micro businesses conducted by a single person from their laptop.

    That very unusual business experience allows me to discover opportunities even during these crazy times. 

    Earlier during my corporate carrier I was a finance manager, a marketing manager, a sales manager and even an operations manager. Later I have acted as CEO of two companies.
    All that experience is drained for you into one session from which you will come out with the right money track for you.

    Since 2006 my mission as a consultant is to bring entrepreneurs to fulfil their life mission, while increasing their income from it.

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    Press here now, leave your details
    and I will respond ASAP

    Schedule Strategic Biz-Plan Meeting

    Trusted by countless entrepreneurs 

    "I would like to recommend Gilad Segev ..... In this meeting we built the right mix of products for my business, the marketing strategy for my business and how to bring it to sales ... Gilad brought out of the box techniques ...."

    – Harel Shiff

    Highly recommend the Strategic Marketing-Plan Meeting with Gilad. He is very creative, knows how to look at the overall picture. He helped me think of new audiences, And find ideas for maximizing quick income."

    – Tal Prigrichet

    “Collaborations are one of the most significant strategies a company can use to grow and make a bigger impact in the world. We have used them continuously for over 2 decades at our 7 and 8 figure companies. Gilad can help you get the strategies and mindset you need to get on top of the collaborations you need to grow!”

    – Austin Doe

    “Partnerships and collaborations are vital tools for any business of any size. In this book, Gilad provides the most essential step by step practical guide for setting a WIN/WIN relationship between two small businesses, leading them in the business path for growth.”

    – Kevin Harrington

    Strategic business palnning happy cients