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Gilad Segev

Gilad is an entrepreneur, an advisor and investor with a specialty in collaborations and creative deal making.
An award winning author and a sought-after speaker, with legal and financial background.
An MBA Attorney, an Authorized Arbitrator and a Mediator. He has served in managerial positions and as a board member of companies at different industries.

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Business Experience 

Founded his first company in the UK at 1997, later years led him to leading positions as CFO, International Marketing Director, Legal affairs Director, COO and CEO. At a variety of industries, including the vehicle industry, diamond industry, food industry, medical devices and the financial industries.

Operating as an independent advisor since 2006, he utilizes that unique experience and rare organizational point of view, assisting Medium sized enterprises in their international development.

Helping his clients identify and define problems, and tailor creative solutions. His global business activity includes operations in Israel, Europe and the USA, in fields of Green Energy, Medical Care and the online e-commerce world.

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The Collaboration Man

He has vast experience in bringing organizations to collaborate, from large multinationals to small micro businesses. His ability to connect to people on the personal level while identifying their inner business needs, coupled with his Legal and financial engineering expertise, allows for setting long lasting collaborations between people and businesses for their mutual benefits.

As the super mogul Ms. Kathy Ireland states "For those of you who have yet to have the privileged of knowing Gilad Segev, please be aware that Kathy Ireland World-Wide is drawn to him by his reputation, his relationships and his unique ability to develop mutually beneficial opportunities between world parties in a way that is quite extraordinary"

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Sought-After Speaker

and a Volunteer 

The Business World is changing! Small Business Owners are stretched to their maximum limits. In his speaking engagements Gilad makes sure to provide the audience with practical tools as that is more important than ever before! 

Gilad believes volunteer work nourishes the soul of any person but is a crucial source of strength for entrepreneurs. Leading by example he is a volunteer rescue diver and a marine-archaeology excavation volunteer. While also volunteering with physically disabled people, with deprived youth, and occasionally with saving wild life at the Nature and Parks Authority.

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Trusted by countless Entrepreneurs and CEO's

"I would like to recommend Gilad Segev ..... In this meeting we built the right mix of products for my business, the marketing strategy for my business and how to bring it to sales ... Gilad brought out of the box techniques ...."

– Harel Shiff

"Gilad has provided service to us in a very professional, reliable, responsible and efficient manner. Gilad in extremely knowledgeable and proficient in his field. I highly recommend Gilad knowing that he will readily provide is services with 100% satisfaction on your part."

– Gabe Mansky,
Senior VP, WELLS FARGO Insurance

Wells Fargo

"As someone who took a Strategic Marketing-Plan meeting with Gilad, I can testify For his ability to see the big picture, to break it down into milestones And come up with particularly creative ideas.

Highly recommend meeting with him at least once, because it's a shame to miss. "

– Dafna Nave

"Our appreciation and warm recommendation is hereby given to Adv. Gilad Segev for his good, punctual, discreet and professional work, deep understanding of the materials and ready advice without delay at all times..... Gilad has followed us for many years with utmost loyalty."

– Iris Raveh C0-CEO
Prestigio Ltd

Prestigio CEO

"Highly recommend the Strategic Marketing-Plan Meeting with Gilad. He is very creative, knows how to look at the overall picture. He helped me think of new audiences, And find ideas for maximizing quick income."

– Tal Prigrichet

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"As a person we have found Gilad to be trustworthy, diligent and with great integrity. Gilad has provided us with professional services in a responsible and efficient manner. Gilad possess market knowledge and proficiency in his field. I highly recommend working with him knowing that he will provide efficient services to full Satisfaction."

– Keren Haskal
MORAZ International Marketing Manager.


What World Leading Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Gilad's Award Winning Book COLLABORATE for SUCCESS

"Get the Strategies..."

“Collaborations are one of the most significant strategies a company can use to grow and make a bigger impact in the world. We have used them continuously for over 2 decades at our 7 and 8 figure companies. Gilad can help you get the strategies and mindset you need to get on top of the collaborations you need to grow!”

Kane Minkus

(From Kane & Alessia) – 3X Bestselling Author, Founder of Industry Rockstar, Serial Entrepreneur & International Speaker

"Leading Businesses to Growth..."

“Partnerships and collaborations are vital tools for any business of any size. In this book, Gilad provides the most essential step by step practical guide for setting a WIN/WIN relationship between two small businesses, leading them in the business path for growth.”

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on ABC’s SharkTank, Bestselling Author, Known as the $6 Billion Man, Inventor of the Infomercial As Seen On TV

"Many Profound Insights..."

“In a business world that generates more and more complexity daily, it’s great to have a guide that can make sense of it all. It’s refreshing to know that even today, there are some proven and time tested strategies that can cut through the clutter to short‐cut your route to success. Gilad’s book has provided clear and easy to understand guidance on one of the most powerful strategies in business. This book is filled with many profound insights, and if you want accelerate your progress, you will learn to master the art of collaboration. Start here.”

Kevin Paetz

Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Global Strategist and Advisor to CEOs


The Single Most Powerful Marketing Strategy 
for Low Cost Leads & Major Profit

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Gilad Segev Adv. MBA
The Collaboration Man
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